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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Couple More Familiar Faces .

Raymond Burr
Here are some more familiar faces for you !

Basil Rathbone
John Barrymore
Great actors all ,and very handsome fellows to boot .

John Barrymore , Basil Rathbone and Raymond Burr . What do they have in common ?  I think perhaps they each possessed an intensity and professionalism that conveyed itself through their eyes ...  Perhaps this is why they each enjoyed a certain success as villians on the screen first and the leading man parts were fewer and further between ? Now some will argue that Barrymore was first and foremost a Matinee Idol and arguably the handsomest man of his era . But ... it is on record that he loved playing roles such as Richard the Third , Svengali , Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ! And Mr. Burr played many a heavy in films before finally striking gold with his splendid interpretation of Perry Mason during the golden age of Television .  As for Sir Basil , his portrayals of villians creates a list to long to recite here .

So , from all of these fellows I think you might hear them saying  ... " look into my eyes ! " therein lies the truth !


  1. This shows you can capture anyone! I know you did Raymond Burr especially for me --Thanks!

  2. Thanks honey ! Yes I know he is one of your " crushes " lol !