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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Happy and Haunting Halloween to Everyone !

The Undead " Count Daveula " ! 
Ah.... tis the season for wolf's bane and howling winds and thunder crashes and lighting flashes !

Yes , it's my favorite time of year , "All Hallow's Eve " .
" Frankendave " ! 
Lon Chaney as The Phantom
From early childhood on, I have been mesmerized by the likes of " Karloff the Uncanny's " portrayal of Mary Shelley's undead creature. Lugosi's Dracula and " Listen to dem ... children of the night , what music THEY make ! " Larry Talbot's helplessness in the face of the bite of the werewolf . Kharis' constant ,  unending search for his long dead Princess . That lovely , ethereal lagoon hiding it's fearsome secret in it's black depths ...

Lon Chaney in " London After Midnight . " 
Karloff as Ardoth Bey

In other words , I LOVE the MONSTERS !  I even paint myself as some of my favorites such as " Frankendave " and the undead " Count Daveula " and next year " Ardath Dave " in search of his Princess ....

Some may look at these images as something to be feared or dreaded . I do not !  As when these movies were made, our world was in the throes of a second world war and REAL MONSTERS far worse then any of these fellows made their diabolical presences known. When I was a boy I had my own demons to assuage and my monster friends helped me through it . If I could overcome my fear of these fine fellows and come to terms with them and even grow to love them , then .... I could conquer my own fears and learn to deal with them as well !

So , when the moon is full and the winds whispers through the knotted branches of the black trees and the wolves are howling and the creepy bats are flying you won't find this horror lover cowering in fear !

May you all experience the happiest and creepiest of Halloweens !


  1. I'm so glad the sketches and paintings photographed so well. Keep up the great work!