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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Films and Images , a Life Time of Love .

Welcome to my new art blog site. I thought I'd start off with a couple of  sketches of one of  my favorite performers . Every boy's hero Errol Flynn .

I have been a fan of classic and not so classic films as far back as I can remember . Being a " boomer " I have memories of watching dirty prints of old black & white movies which were made even more blurry by the process of " kinetiscoping " used by most early T.V. Stations to show films . Dirty and blurring though they might have seemed to some dissinterested parties ,  to this shy , sensitive boy they were a magic portal  into a world of beauty , make believe , and happy endings !

Many of those images have stuck with me and have sustained me through lifes ups and downs . I love these images . I revere the wonderful talents that took my hand in that darkened living room and led me to a happy place where I felt safe and free to be myself . To cry , laugh , sneer , shake an angry fist , feel that lump rise in my throat and the tears begin to fall ... here is my homage to them . I hope you will see something that resonates for you as well in these images .


  1. Congratulations on your new blog, David. I love your title...and of course I definitely do see something that resonates with me! I look forward to following your art posts.

  2. Thanks Becky ! I'm going to have fun !

  3. Excellent start Hubby! Hope many others get to enjoy your wonderful and diverse work!